Basic Probability 2016

course website within the Master of Logic at University of Amsterdam

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Responsible: Christian Schaffner
Teacher and Script: Philip Schulz
Programming Labs: Philip Schulz
Teaching assistant: TBD


The 2016 edition of the course is split in two parts, 3 ECTS each. The first is about Theory given in Block 1 (Sep/Oct), the second about Python programming, given in Block 2 (Nov/Dec).

Requirements for the programming part

No prior programming knowledge is required. A prerequisite for the programming part is the material covered in the course Basic Probability: Theory (e.g. maximum likelihood estimation, naive Bayes, EM). Please have a look at the lecture script in order to get an idea.

Sign up! for the programming part

Both courses will be run on, special thanks to Martin Vögeli for generously hosting this course on this platform!

Content Schedule

will be similar to last year's edition.